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This is one of the biggest revolutions in AK that I’ve seen in a long time and I study many teachers. This is a true gift to health and healing.”​​​​​​​


Chance Chiropractic is truly the best! Dr. Mike is awesome and his innovative Hypothalamic Reset has changed my life! After years of looking for healing, I came across his practice and inquired about the technique. The office staff were so helpful and worked with my being from out of town. Dr. Mike was very thorough and insightful. I could start telling a difference immediately and am feeling immensely better. I am so grateful to Dr. Mike!


Taking a chance with Chance Chiropractic has made my outlook on life extremely hopeful. I travel weekly from Orlando (120miles to be exact!) to their office in Gainesville because I’ve seen over 15 different chiros, 4 osteopathic doctors, medical and Chinese doctors including acupuncture to name a few but I haven’t felt progressive relief like Dr Mike delivers. I endured 2 auto accidents and neck issues from sports injury that caused neurological, visual and emotional issues that NO ONE could understand why! I was brain fogged and fatigued most of the time for 2yrs plus and started to accept that this might be a life sentence until I stumbled upon Hypothalamic Reset Technique (HRT). At my first visit I was shocked to see DR Mike’s no popping approach and how he used the body’s circuitry to get results. I wish the office was closer but now I kind of look forward to the road trips! I’m almost back to 100% and I’m just really grateful for the courteous staff and remarkable service at Chance, and would encourage anyone looking to bounce back their health to give them a chance!”​​​​​​​


Dr. Michael Chance is incredible. It’s amazing he can treat all kinds of health issues, from skin problems to Lyme disease, through chiropractic and energy meridian clearings. I’m blown away by his skill and knowledge. So grateful to be treated by him! He’s a very kind and nice man too.”​​​​​​​

Mia M.

What an amazing doctor and research Dr. Michael Chance is! He is so personable, patient-focused, and awesome. I have been so blessed by the Hypothalamus Reset Technique”​​​​​​​

Jacquelyn D.

WOW! What a great experience with Dr Mike - I felt listened to, with warmth, compassion, humor and wonderful humility by a caring gentle and learned man. I'm a fan! I will HAPPILY drive the 2 hours from Orlando for the wonderful care provided. If I could give 10 stars I would.”​​​​​​​

Pat O.

My visit to Chance Chiropractic Center was well worth the drive over from Houston Texas. Pleasant, joyful staff with a smile on all of the patients as they left the clinic caught my attention. Dr Michael not only has healing hands but he also has healing words.”​​​​​​​

Thomas D.

Dr. Chance's method of treating the entire body, not
just the skeletal system is by far a much better way to address issues.”​​​​​​​

Cher E.

There are no words to express how much I love Chance Chiropractic Center. Dr. Mike is truly a miracle worker!! He uses many modalities to help realign a person structurally, chemically and emotionally. The man is a true genius and has incredible intuition. People come from all over the United States to see Dr. Mike. If you’re lucky enough to live in Gainesville, Fl you have your very own miracle worker at your fingertips. Any issue, he will make better - I promise!!”​​​​​​​

Liz W.

Dr. Michael Chance was a pleasure to see! He answered all of my many questions and took the time to carefully explain the answers to me. He was very informative and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend going to see him!

Justine B.

I drove down from TN over 500 miles just to see Dr Mike. That should say it all. Can't find anyone as good, kind, knowledgeable, or as effective. I drove down whenever I need him!

Justine C.

I have had great results from treatments with Dr. Mike for several issues.

Happy T.

I have been going to see Dr. Michael for a few months now. I feel very safe to explore what is underneath certain behaviors and conditions of my body. I am blown away from the knowledge, intuitive knowing and expertise Dr. Michael has! He handles everything with such care and attention! I am so grateful I have found him and layer by layer we are getting to the the very core of what is happening with me.i feel already so many things have shifted and I feel so much better with different things. Thank you!

Stanislava K.

Love the extra TLC from both doctor and staff. What tops off the visits is the knowledge Dr. Michael Chance has to educate and try to work with the body's needs at the time of suffering. He is determined to find the root of the problem and not put a blanket over the problem, like the medical profession does. Thank you for help me live and not suffer anymore than I have too.

Laura G.

Dr. Michael Chance is wonderful. Gives you information & explains everything, my symptoms are not completely gone, but he has helped me with issues more serious. I live in central Florida he is definitely worth the drive to Gainesville!


Dr. Mike Chance: enlightening information. Am intrigued by his hypothalamic resetting protocol. His knowledge of conditions with which I am beset encouraging. Am looking forward to treatments with anticipation of positive outcomes. Bad hip seems to have improved measureably after a single treatment, an experience I have not had with prior chiropractors. Am encouraged.


Thank you’s to Dr Michael for his healing hands, intuition and heart. Thank you to the well run office staff


I drove down from TN over 500 miles just to see Dr Mike. That should say it all. Can't find anyone as good, kind, knowledgeable, or as effective. I drove down whenever I need him! All the staff are just as kind,etc

Jan C.

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